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Thread: EMP The Worst Case Senerio????

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashooter View Post
    Thank you, TheJRK.

    All of that makes sense. I hadn't really considered the fact that the "bad guys" would be likely to get detected by the "good guys" even if they had port access and tech support from somebody like Iran or NK, or even PRC. I will sleep a little easier tonight.
    Makes sense hunh? Now read this..

    This is a response by Dr.'s Pry & Radasky (Members EMP Commission) to Dr. Butt' article entitled
    The EMP threat: fact, fiction, and response (part 1)
    by Yousaf M. Butt

    I've linked to page 2 of the article which explains why shipborne "annonymous" EMP attack is THE most likely scenario and why.

    If you want to read Dr Butt's article here it is

    It's not a contest of who's dick is bigger between me and TRK. I give you documentation, facts and articles from the experts, he, an anonymous Internet poster gives his opinion without validating his credentials other than " I worked in missile defense for 15 years". Note...he still has not stated what capacity he worked in. You're free to accept whatever or who's thought processes you want.
    Live paranoia trumps dead bravado, every time.

    "A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them;
    the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences."
    - Proverbs 22:3

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    I'm not picking sides, just making a smart-ass comment based on the fact that way too often these forum discussions degenerate into petty pissing matches.

    From my perspective as an amateur who has not given this scenario more than an occasional cursory glance, you BOTH make sense. I think it's highly possible, but probably unlikely, at least compared to other threats like a Mumbai-type attack, bioweapon attack, or even a complete societal meltdown as a result of economic/monetary collapse.

    As far as EMP's, (again, as a non-expert who's spent little time studying this) I think the most likely scenarios for that would be localized non-nuclear (like terrorists with some kind of directed energy device), or Chicom backed or executed nuclear EMP.

    The demographic problem in China, combined with the collapsing economy, might some day make them decide they have more to lose by doing nothing than by knocking us back into the stone age. After all, those kinds of issues have caused most of the wars in the last few thousand years.
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