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Thread: Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle

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    How do you guys like the Sandman suppressor? I've heard a lot of good things about them.

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    I have nothing to compare it too. With that said, I have not found any issues with it other than the brake is a little long when shooting unsuppressed. However, the brake does a very good job reducing felt recoil.

    I have the Sandman L, so it has some weight to it. Seems to be of excellent quality. Between 22lr, 5.56, 308 I have about 1k rounds through mine.

    Standard Velocity CCI shoots very clean and it is almost movie quiet. If you roll your own loads, be sure to shoot unsupressed first until to know you are stabilizing the bullet to prevent baffle strikes.
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    Had my GSR for awhile. It has become my favorite rifle to shoot by a longshot. I primarily use the Magpul AICS 10 round mags and have had absolutely no issues with them. While I still enjoy my m1a (and sold off my AR-15s and 10s over the last couple of years) I find that the GSR fits my needs and also doesn't burn through my ammo budget as quickly. Good rifle to load for as well.

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    Bringing this back up, what are your thoughts on these little rifles for East Coast Hunting? what optics seem to be working for the guys that have them? I have been looking at the leatherwood and Burris with BDC.
    So, I went with the Leopold Scout scope, and the .308 GSR with Andy's leather Rhodesian sling. I think the leupold is not really a true scout scope as it sits back a little far, more like a safari scope with lots of eye relief for magnums or light action .308s.
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