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Thread: How far forward is your Aimpoint mounted?

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    The place you put the RDS is often a "compromise" between where you want it under ideal conditions, perfect cheek weld, etc. and having to make it function under less than ideal conditions. With a perfect cheek weld I like mine up front too, but shooting under a barricade from rollover prone and many other unorthodox shooting positions (you may only discover under the worst circumstances)... that often times it is faster and easier to pickup a sight picture with it closer to the rear... and the smaller tube of a T1 exacerbates this.

    We all shoot RDS sites with both eyes open, but if you can't get your strong side eye behind the dot the weakside eye isn't going to help. Am I telling you to put your RDS to the rear? No. I'm just explaining that there is a reason that you might check what type of shooting you do and decide if you can make a shot from your most unorthodox positions with the RDS where you have it mounted and you may have to "compromise" and bring it closer to the eye.

    You may also move it back and forth and decide at what distance the ring best ghosts out for you.

    Get on your hands & knees with your rifle and then a shoulder on the ground and try and shoot thru a opening 3" high from the ground with a bad cheek weld, etc.

    Just some things to consider
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    Just forward enough to allow mounting of an Aimpoint magnifier.

    I don't feel the need to put it any further out. Far enough forward and the optic itself clutters my field of view.
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    I run my M3's at the front of the receiver, but like my H-1's as far back as possiblle.

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    Still relevant 13yrs. later...Thanks for assistance.

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