Picked up a bunch of various Rattle Can "Camo" paints. Rust-oleum now has its own line of "Camouflage" paints

Pic is kinda rough, but you can get the general idea.

Just thought Id make a color pallet of whats out there to help you guys decide.

Colors used and as labeled in the picture(top down)

1. Rustoleum - Dark Taupe ------ Drys close to MagPul's FDE
2. Rustoleum - Khaki Camo ------ Drys very light
3. Rustoleum - Green Camo ------ Drys almost a Greenish Grey/Blue Grey, but still looks good
4. Krylon - OD Green ------ Drys a Blue Green, not a good color
5. Rustoleum - Army Green Camo ------ a very Yellow Green color. Not sure why its called Army Green