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When I went through the academy I got CS gas, OC spray, and TASER.
TASER was the most painful, but it was over when it was over.
CS Gas sucked and was midly panic inducing but once you got out of the gas chamber you could see and everything was copasetic. I think people freak out because of the claustrophobic nature of the gas chamber.
That OC spray (we got our faces painted with Sabre Red) ruined me - I couldn't see or breathe for almost 30 minutes, and I was pretty miserable for almost 2 days. I just leaned up against the building and focused on trying to not puke.
I've been OC sprayed several times on the job (usually by some dumb rookie who still thinks OC spray is a good idea in a major civil disturbance, I don't carry the stuff) and I've always been able to fight through it.
When I went through SWAT school, they hit us several times with Mr. Clearout, CS gas, or a combination of the stuff.
It wasn't as bad the second time around, but that comes from experience and exposure and not wanting to look like a punk.
Unfortunately he is correct. You will always get the rookie who thinks OC is the answer to all disputes and will usually spray it into the wind so it directly blows back to you and not the suspect. It does get easier every time you are exposed. I think it is because you already know how it effects you individually and you can prepare to deal with it.