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Thread: Maverick HS-12 O'U "Tactical"?

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    I was in a local gun store yesterday. As I was walking by one section, I saw these out of the corner of my eye. TH
    hey had a O/U and a side-by-side. Short OAL, and a bit of rail on the bottom of the barrel, near the muzzle.

    The store was packed due to a sale and S&W reps on site. I almost asked to see one of these, but decided not to. Kind of like being seen riding a mo-ped, might be fun, but you wouldn't want to be seen on one.

    I have no idea what they are selling for, but I'm sure it can't be much more than what I could get a base model Mossberg 500 w/18" bbl.

    But then, right before I saw the O/U Tactical shotgun, I was still shaking my head at a pistol gripped Mossberg shotgun with a monster muzzle break and this contraption that looked like the safety bar from a chain saw bolted onto the forend.

    Do people really buy into this shit?

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    Do people really buy into this shit?
    I remember having a pretty big argument with someone on this site a year or so ago over the practicality of a side-by-side with a picatinny on it. I thought it was childish and idiotic, especially since I recall the price being substantially more than what a used 870P goes for, but he seemed to think a double was easier for a novice to learn. Eh. Unless one lives in a locality in which pumps or autos are illegal a double still strikes me as an asinine choice for anything beyond birds and cowboy dress-up parties. Over-under configuration doesn't change that opinion one little bit.
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