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Thread: LMT .308 MWS Pictures show us your setup

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabre675 View Post
    Thanks for the compliments. There are a lot of nice setups out there, contextually to the end user. I wavered quite a bit, mainly on optics, and pretty much ended back where I started with the green one, just a more current, slightly lighter version. The Vortex just doesn’t look as svelt as a Nightforce ATACR, NX8, NXS x24, Leup MK5, Leup MK6 would. These were all other optics that were on the block. The Vortex came out of nowhere and checks a lot of boxes. It does a lot of things well, in that it is slightly niche and overall I’m fairly pleased. I wanted to go with a lighter 4x or 6x optic originally though, then almost derailed completely with a MK5....then started leaning ATACR 1-8...Wish I had access to glass prior to purchasing.

    It is currently handier feeling than the original, better balance and OAL weight I posted a year ago is close to being comparable with current gen Koolaide. Without the optic it was very handy. Your T2 config you mentioned would be sick.

    I was humbled though, my co-worker zero’d his Vortex 1-10 today on a Barret REC10 he just purchased. His rifle was sickening it was so light. Advertised I think he said it was 8 lbs even, putting it 7 ounces lighter than mine. It feels lighter though. As stated in the past, the indexing collar will always be a handicap to the platform, as far as weight. As handy and well made the Barret was, I still preferred both of mine.

    I still need some KAC 45’s, Railscales and a small list of support gear.

    Next year maybe I’ll be further on my 5.56 MLK...I’ve bounced around on optic direction even more so. Hopefully someone has something in development to kull the herd.
    Haha, you got so many awesome logs in the fire.

    Enjoyed reading your thoughts on the build as well. Totally agree about not being able to see many of the optic options you want before actually having to buy them.

    I bet the Barret was sweet, but for only 7 ozs more it's a no brainer taking your MWS that brings so much more to the table imho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kukworld View Post
    Man, I was 100% in for razor gen 3. Now Iím wondering if I should get the Atacr 1-8 instead

    Great info though

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    I had the MK6 for a while along with my NX8. To my eye, mk6 glass is great, but no good enough for the price tag. Comparing both glass, I thought the MK6 is only slightly better than NX8.

    I think for optically quality, nothing can really beat the Kahles.

    I really wanna get the Atacr but money does talk. A used Atacr is still around $600 more expensive than brand new Gen 3.

    Even I havnt receive my gen 3, I think it checks most boxes, and for the price point and overall performance, I canít find anything can beat it.

    However, I do hope the gen 3 has the MK6 elevation dial and the color is black.

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