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Thread: AAR: Vickers Tactical Pistol I - May 8/9 2011

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    AAR: Vickers Tactical Pistol I - May 8/9 2011

    Class: Vickers Tactical Pistol I

    Dates: 8/9 MAY 2011

    Location: Rural Council Bluffs, IA

    Students: 20 with a mix of CIV, LE, MIL - all skill sets were present.

    Pistols: A mix of Glock’s, M&P’s, XD’s, HK’s, 1911’s.

    Round Count: 500-700 rounds total.

    Targets: IDPA cardboard with NRA type bulls eye targets and IDPA steel silhouettes. Shooting distances varied from 1 yard - 75 yards.

    Topics covered:

    - Fighting: Fighting Stance, Grip on the pistol, Follow Through, “Work Area” for reloads/malfunctions, Pistol presentation from the holster.

    - Sights: Proper Sight picture, “Wobble” , Pistol sights - night sights, 3 dot sights, tritium front sights, Discussion on the reason “sight picture” is pushed more than other aspects of pistol shooting.

    - Triggers: Trigger manipulation, Trigger reset, The differences between specific pistols and their triggers, The importance of trigger manipulation and it’s impact on pistol accuracy, why we “jerk” the trigger.

    - Reloads: Types of Reloads, Auto loading and how to prevent it.

    - Malfunctions: Simple and Complex malfunction clearing procedures.

    - Movement: Moving forward/backward/side to side, diagonal.

    - Night Fire: Handheld and Weapon mounted flashlights, Ammo flash signatures, Nights sights, Point Shooting, Myths associated with deploying a flashlight, Myths associated with the “blinding” effects of white light on the threat.

    - Shooting drills: Trigger manipulation drills, Reload drills, Malfunction drills.

    - Other: Equipment selection/set up/deployment, Common “myths” heard in the Tactical/Shooting community, Education on all aspect of weapons trivia and history.

    Larry put on a heck of a class, and his ability to explain and support his concepts and techniques was greatly valued by all. As always, Larry was very approachable and helpful with all of the questions that the students had.

    Thanks to all who attended!

    - Rob

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    It was a great class Rob. I, and the guy that came up with me, really enjoyed it.

    Looking forward to more!
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