Hey guys been a long time reader at this forum, just now signed up and this is my first post. I was at a gun show a few weeks ago where I was in the market for an 870 shotgun. I did lots of research about different models and seems to me the online word is they are all the same just some with more goodies than others, all magnums no difference in express and tactical. There was a private vendor there a man who only offered and worked on 870 guns, knoxx stocks, sights, surefire forends. duracoat finishes. I striked up conversation with him about something I noticed between a model 25077 and 81198 he had on his table the 81198 had the remington logo stamped on the trigger guard. I asked the man if this was something new remington was doing and if one model was a newer batch than the other. He replied that the 81198 model was a better trigger group with the heavier duty internals like the police but still with the plastic guard. So as we parted ways I was still looking for 870's and every vendor I found the trigger guard had the logo stamped on it. Has any one heard this or was this man just full of crap and trying to get me to spend more. Thanks guys