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I have personally not heard any ridiculing. You may very well be right Ironman. But I would think if that were the case there would be polite discouragement of the topics rather than ridicule. Ridiculing is usually when a polar opposite position is taken and you think someone is nuts. Who knows, as I've said I haven't encouontered any. But I will say that just because someone is very knowledgeable, even a SME about a certain subject, it does not automatically make them a SME on other subject matter.
Well I was just using the same descriptive word that mtneer used. I would agree that I haven't really experienced "ridiculing", but I do get the sense that certain people tend to turn their nose up at people who get into guns for "shtf" purposes. Most of the guys who do that have/do use guns for a living, so I think it is more a "professional snobbery" so to speak. I would bet it is a very small percentage who don't believe that something along the "shtf" scenario "COULD" happen.