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Thread: First in! What's the sitch?

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    Lightbulb First in! What's the sitch?

    I guess we're light on European membership in the regional discussions.

    Anyway, as you can see from my profile I'm in Sweden. AR-systems have traditionally been very hard to come by here since they were not allowed for hunting and none of the national shooting associations had semi-auto rifles as a class (not even IPSC Sweden). But over the past year or so IPSC Sweden has been approved by the National Board of Police (RPS) to sponsor* firearms permits. So, with the RPS approval in check IPSC Sweden decided to recognize IPSC Rifle as well (with the limitation that the rifle must not have a barrel shorter than 16 inches). Naturally, since then there's been a lot of interest for AR15's.

    Currently the two most common brands in Sweden are JP Enterprises and Oberland Arms. But, since AR:s never been really available here there's now a HUGE information gap - a gap that is further increased by the fact that there are several new European manufacturers popping up (Astra, Schmeisser, Luvo, etc), who has yet to show their mettle. Being one of the few Swedes who have any sort of training on the AR system I've been trying to bridge the information gap and put out as much information as possible. One part of this effort is the Swedish AR15 Information Bank I created (some of the links from the site is to English language sites and/or documents, as I cannot translate all this material).

    With the unfortunate events in Norway we do not know if there will be any impact on IPSC Rifle here in Sweden, but there has been talk about stricter gun laws (as per usual).

    So, what's going on where you're at?

    *Sponsor as in issuing a letter stating that "this shooter is an active participant in IPSC shooting events, has gone through all the training, and has shown skill and judgment" and in which they approve the applicants permit for a specific firearm.

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    well i guess ill just add to this thread since there isnt much discussion....

    will be in St Andrews doing graduate work in the Fall. Not sure what the gun situation is but they have a Rifle Club and a Clay Pigeon Club.

    Im assuming the Rifle is single shot .22LR if anyone knows whats legal there? Or maybe some SMLEs?


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