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TheTick- does that mount allow you to use the push button without changing your grip, too much?

Mistwolf and USMCvet- that Battlecomp option seems ok, but
1-I would have to buy another X light and I have 2 G2s that arenít being used for anything.
2- That Mount seems like it would be hard to operate without a remote switch.
3- I have soft hands and donít want to get burned.

This is a budget build (cleaning out the parts drawers and using up gift cards and catching Christmas and Black Friday sales), but it will still need a light and sling. I think the IWC mount with a G2 is the way I will proceed. Thank you for the info guys.

Anyone have a source for G2 led conversions and clicky tail caps?
I have a couple of G2's I did the same thing with. I don't remember where I bought the LED heads and tailcaps. I think it was the LGS.

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