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Thread: IWC SMC E Series Light Mount

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    IWC SMC E Series Light Mount

    My Viking Tactics Surefire Mini L4 has been mounted on my BCM4 Mid-Length with a Magpul Illumination Kit cantilever rail and a VLTOR QD Mount. Not a bad setup, but for me it has two minor short comings:

    1. I break my thumb over the top of the hand guard when I shoot. Having the light at 2:00 required some extra movement to activate. Not a big deal, but it feels like I compromise my grip just a tad to activate the light.
    2. Having the light at 2:00 makes next to impossible to activate the light during support side transitions.

    Enter the SMC (Side Mount Cantilevered) Light MOUNT-N-SLOT. Earlier this year I installed Impact Weapons Componentsís QD MICRO MOUNT-N-SLOT on my MOE hand guard, so I was aware of their SMC mounts. The SMC mounts the light at 1:00 or 11:00 and slightly forward. This seemed like an improvement over my Magpul/VLTOR set up, so when Earl announced the a new ring for Surefire E Series lights I placed my order.

    Any who has ordered from IWC knows that they offer top notch products and Earlís customer service is second to none. The SMC can be mounted on either side of the MOE hand guard and exceeded my already high expectations.

    I was curious how the SMCís weight would compare to the Magpul/VLTOR mount.

    As it turns out the both weigh in at 4.5 oz with the Mini L4.

    Aside from easier light activation, the SMC also offers a smaller profile verses the Magpul/VLTOR mount.

    The SMC offers a quality solution and puts my Mini L4 exactly where I want it. Just one more outstanding product from Earl and IWC.

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    Excellent review, the photos really help tell the story.
    "Real men have always needed to know what time it is so they are at the airfield on time, pumping rounds into savages at the right time, etc. Being able to see such in the dark while light weights were comfy in bed without using a light required luminous material." -Originally Posted by ramairthree

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    Great review, IWC makes good stuff!!


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