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Thread: Survival Fieldcraft Video Library

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    Survival Fieldcraft Video Library

    Post links to your favorite subject video(s)

    Include a Title/Description so folks can tell what the video is about

    Post a notice for videos with graphic content

    Humor is fine... but label the video as such.
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    Long term ground water supply

    A steady and dependable daily water supply is certainly an important survival issue. These are some videos that I found online that detail the construction of a shallow or deep water well and the construction of a functional handpump.

    Clearly you will have to invest quite a bit of time and effort into these projects, but they are long term setups, are relatively simple, relatively cheap, and above all very do-able.

    Surf around on their 'channel' for a bit and see if there is something that may 'wet your fancy' :-)

    EMAS is also a whole technical and social concept of water and sanitation which includes manual drilling, rain water harvesting, solar water heaters, wind power, hydraulic rams, water treatment, small tanks and sinks, a variety of hand and foot pumps, and ferrocement water storage tanks.

    The sludge drilling method is very interesting! Sure, you need the right type of soil to be able to do that, still impressive.

    Hand pump -

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    Sigma 3 Survival School

    I don't have much with which to compare it, but I've been pretty impressed by the vids on YouTube by Sigma 3 Survival School. The videos I've seen show techniques that sound reasonable and robust (work under a lot of conditions and with few tools), though a lot of it might not apply in bear country, Florida, etc.

    Their youtube videos are here:

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    Kelly Alwood

    Good friend of mine, straight up trainer. Good videos.

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