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Thread: AAR-SouthNarc Vehicle Combatives and Shooting Tactics (VCAST) - Sept 9-11, 2011

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    AAR-SouthNarc Vehicle Combatives and Shooting Tactics (VCAST) - Sept 9-11, 2011

    This was my first experience with SouthNarc and it will not be my last. From the get go it was a mind blowing experience and one of, if not the most relevant classes I have ever taken part of.

    Paul from Grey Group get some pictures in here.

    This class covered things that most of us would see as more real world than most of the classes that we tend to take. I missed the Friday night session so I cannot comment on it.

    Saturday morning started with the most thorough well thought out safety brief I have seen. We worked out of cars of various sizes. SouthNarc demonstrated everything dry then live and we did same. We worked from both passenger and drivers positions with targets on both the same side and with vehicles facing the other direction the opposite direction. We used these skills to conduct a live fire with SouthNarc as our passenger while engaging targets out the passenger window, reversing the car and engaging the threat on the move after exiting the vehicle. We did this until about lunch time.

    I had a previous engagement so I missed out on the remainder of Saturday's class. It is my understanding that the class continued doing practical exercises similar to being hit at a stop and addressing the threat from that point on. Maybe one of the guys from the class will chime in here.

    Sunday morning found us working in the doorway of the vehicles. the exercise simulated being rushed when either exiting or getting into your vehicle and how to deal with it. This continued for a bit then the protective masks were broken out and this was done with simunitions. Each student was allowed to shoot through the windsheild of on of the vehicles to determine the effects on the bullet's path as it tranverses the windshield. It was amazing.

    The class concluded with demonstations of keeping a low profile while driving and manuvering a vehicle as well as the use of tools like the back up camera in the "mom's grocery getter" type vehicle.

    I don't think that this AAR will do a class like this justice. You have to see it for yourself to understand how great it was. There were students from all over the globe in this class. Typically, I have seen folks from east of the Mississippi in classes here on the east coast but there were several folks from the left coast and one from Sweden. SouthNarc has a loyal following of students and based on my little bit of time with him I can see why.

    I will be looking for my next chance to train with him and to be honest, if you carry a gun for defense you should be looking hard at training like this.
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