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Thread: Vision correction surgery - DON'T

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    Try this:

    When you go to your eye doctor, if he/she wears glasses, ask if they are getting it done. If not, why not?

    If they don't wear glasses, ask when they had it done.

    The key issue is long term stability.
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    I had LASIK over 10 years ago for myopia and have 20/15 in my right eye and slightly worse than 20/20 in my left eye. I don't know exactly but since my left is dominant I can tell it's worse than my right eye.

    After the initial dryness and halos that has completely faded long ago so I can't really complain. My question is after reading the issues with the flap detaching will it make it more prone to detaching if I go for re-correction?

    I paid extra for lifetime correction and I assume that limits me to LASIK. If it were an option, do you think it would be a good idea to go for PRK this time? My shooting accuracy is already being affected shooting lefty and I'm mostly ambidextrous anyway so I'm considering just shooting right handed if I have to stay with LASIK.

    I'd rather my cornea not be thinned any more than it already is.
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    I had the RK in 1981 and got a good 15 years before the astigmatism came back. The doc had told me to expect 10-15 years before I would need some correction.
    These days, I wear 3-4 prescriptions a day. My eyesight is the worst in the morning and gradually gets better throughout the day. Its a big pain to keep that many sets of glasses and sunglasses clip ons to get through the day. I travel and if I forget a pair, its a royal pain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd00000 View Post
    This, the military has allowed it for pilots for years now.
    About a decade ago, I was on the Navy's Astronaut Candidate list, and while going through the flight physical I learned that vision correction surgery is approved for:

    - Astronauts
    - Pilots
    - Navy SEAL's

    All of whom go through high stress (in term's of G forces, and other stress like hyperbaric environments)....

    I think if our military trusts vision correction surgery to the above group of individuals, then I suspect it should be good enough for the average schmo.

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    I had Lasik surgery on both eyes in 1997. No issues since. Was back in Tae Kwon Do after 30 days and have trained in Karate and Kickboxing for years with no issues. Incredible vision still except for 0"-16" from eye - age related need for reading glasses.

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    I had radial keratotomy in the mid-90's. I was 20/15 for about a decade, now 20/20. As my presbyopia has progressed, I do need reading glasses. In fact, I need two pairs...2.5 diopters for reading, 1.5 diopters for focusing on the front sight of a pistol, which also allows good focus on the target. That is still a hell of a lot cheaper than contacts, and especially bifocals, and especially graduated tri-focals.

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