This is a British issued Osprey body armor with front and rear plates. This armor is extremely rare on the open market and I have never seen such a set for sale before. I doubt you can find the plates for sale in the UK.
I spent seven years in Iraq as a security contractor. I obtained it in Iraq during the pullout of British troops from Basrah. A lot of the armor was marked for destruction to save money from shipping it all home, and I acquired a few sets for my own use. I never did use it due to my company policy of not wearing camouflage of any kind. I legally shipped it home by USPS. It was declared to customs and approved for entry.

The Osprey plates are unique in that the Brits didnít copy the SAPI style of matching front and rear plates, but rather shaped the rear for maximum protection. The front plate is shaped to aid a right handed shooter. I donít think the Brits have ever released the rating of these plates, but I knew someone who was on the testing team who said they surpassed ESAPI plates, and were even able to stop a .50. The problem is that they are a bit thicker and heavier than ESAPIs, so much so that they recently introduced a lighter version in Afghanistan. But, they were failing to stop the threats, and many soldiers reverted to these old Osprey plates. The rubber "bumperĒ pads are still intact and in excellent condition. Many soldiers took them off to save weight and thickness.
These plates and vest were used in combat operations in Iraq. They are still in very good to excellent condition. The carrier does show some very minor wear. The plates had the property tags removed on the back of the plates so I could ship them home. This set does not include the underarm Kevlar pads or the neck protector. Simply put, many of the troops didnít use them unless ordered to. There are no pouches, but they can be easily bought on Ebay.
The label on the vest has the name of two British soldiers who wore it. The size is 190/120 NATO, which translates to a L or XL. Overall, it is a very good vest with soft armor and plates. The plates offer excellent protection and this rare piece is also highly collectible.
$800 shipped. Check, MO, or Paypal only. I will also consider trades for firearms. I will not ship this outside of the USA.

Front of carrier

Rear of carrier

Plates. Front on left. Note the shapes.

Plates- rear view

Side view of plates showing curve and rubber protector

Label on inside of the carrier