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Thread: Range near southern NY that allows movement?

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    There are some clubs in the Mid Hudson Valley that allow movement but not many, and everything got super screwed with the passage of SAFE. Most clubs are refusing anything questionable even if you have ten round mags...

    There are places to shoot back country though. PM me if you are interested in the names of clubs, or if you need a place to shoot.
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    this is a great question, do you think if we were able to gather enough folks to rent out a location like Calverton for a few hours that they would allow it?

    just a shot in the dark there, no pun intended.

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    LIPSA allows all types of movement and training. Its a private range. Members can take 1 person each visit. To be a member, you have to show up at competitions enough to be asked if you'd like to be a member as they want their range to be a club.
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    Shoot me a PM as well with where you live. Ill see if I can help any.

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    Anyone here still shooting anything, anywhere even close to NYC?
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