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The mechanical offset is negligible really. This is something that needs to be embedded into your mind for every shot. Never think that you only have to apply a hold over just for a technical low percentage hostage option. If you do that you will never remember to include it. But if you always shoot with a hold over, you will naturally incorporate it in every shot. On an 8 inch circle, I will always aim to the high 1/3 even though I know the round will land inside if I aim center.

On our CT team we had to shoot at one time, HKMP5s with a high mounted Aimpoint on an HK high mount! The height of the sight over the barrel was about 5 inches! We would include a hold every time. So you get used to it!

Let me know how it goes for you!
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I am more concerned with stability when seated or prone, and precision/accuracy/recoil control/etc. with a high mount like that. I am eyeing the KAC 2.33" RB1 mount, and realize this thread is old, but the topic fits and I'd rather not start another thread.

I can understand the benefits of the mount while running and gunning, but for seated or prone, how much is sacrificed?