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Thread: Another 12 o'clock light mount...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wichaka View Post
    Did you find that the light lense collects soot easily when mounted in that position?

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    Dead Batteries on Long Gun Light !!!

    If you use a Surefire X200-300 series light on your rifle or carbine you should take a look at this.


    Dead Light on your Long Gun: Unity Tactical’s EXO Solution !!!

    May 9, 2014 by myates0303 in Gear, Guns, Lights, Training

    Most people who have a rifle or carbine for defensive purposes, have a light on it for target identification in low light conditions. These lights run on batteries. An accidental switch activation without your knowledge can drain the batteries leaving you without a possible life saving piece of equipment.

    Our friends over at Unity Tactical have a solution for you. The EXO is a replacement mount for your Surefire X 200-300 series weapon lights. It provides a shroud around the switch guarding against inadvertent activations during a critical event and also provides protection during weapon transport and storage ensuring that your light is ready when you are. Stay tuned for videos on the installation and use of this innovative product. The EXO unit replaces the standard rail attachment point on your Surefire X Series light. This means with the tools provided with your Surefire light packaging, you can install and mount the EXO to your existing light. Simply remove the six small allen screws retaining mounting mounting rails, remove them and replace with the EXO, tighten the screws and remount the light as it was before.

    The shroud protects what may be the single weak point with the Surefire system, the switch. The EXO provides an impact resistant barrier to this fragile point. At the same time it forces the operator to make a definitive decision to activate the light. There is almost no chance of accidental light activation. This is known as an Accidental Discharge (of the light variety), done during a critical incident.It can lead to exposing your location, exposing your teammates position or causing you or your teammates temporarily to lose night vision, be it natural or electronic assisted. All of these can lead to injury or even fatalities.

    I use a C clamp type grip when shooting my rifle, so this puts the light at a natural position for activation. Having the added step of making sure my thumb moves around the shroud to the switch gives me piece of mind knowing I can’t just bump the switch. The EXO unit does not impede the operation of the light in any way. In fact, I think it gives you a more positive indexing point for activation, meaning you won’t find yourself searching for the switch. It almost funnels your thumb to it. The EXO also provides additional protection for the battery compartment latch as well as a strengthened interface with the host weapon.

    For more information head over to their website at

    All Thing Tactical

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    It does not. Takes a lot of shooting to affect it. But have since gone to a TLR-1, which pulls the light farther back from the muzzle.
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    This looks like the way to go from what I am aware of being on the market to date. WS6's pics above of the set up look good also.
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