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Thread: Hearing protection,, Which one to buy?

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    I bought Comp IIIs from Botach a couple years ago and there was no issue. I like them and they sound very clear.

    I had started with Howard Leights as my first pair of electronic ear muffs and I would highly recommend one of the aftermarket gel cups for them. I really do not feel they make a tight seal with the stock pads. Itís often not something you notice as you are wearing them until you make a small adjustment...then realize things just got a bit quieter.

    I probably shoot 1/4 as much as many here but I still developed mild tinnitus in a very short time....exactly after I started wearing the HLs. Do not goof around with your hearing. Definitely double up with plugs as many recommend ...especially indoors or if you are at a static range under a roof (but probably anywhere). I think those to situations...especially shooting pistols indoors is what did it for me.
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    Anybody get a recent production Safariland Liberator HP?

    Have they fixed all the problems yet?

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    Shooting in the Scouts (Cub, Boy & Explorer) and Army during the 50's and 60's, all without hearing protection. By the time I started wearing HP it was too late. Now I wear full time hearing aids in both ears. Don't be me.

    Edited to add: All the loud live music didn't help either.
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    Does anybody have any experience with the Radians R3700? Iím interested in picking up a set of inexpensive electronic ears that do compression (like Sordins) instead of clipping (like Peltors) for loaner use by shooters that I coach. Iíve gone through several sets of Peltor 6sís, some of which only lasted a single hot day. Downside is the internet is nearly completely silent on these. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/...ction-radians/

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