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  • P.I.G.

    104 14.88%
  • Blue Force Gear LMAC

    28 4.01%
  • LBT 6094 (sized A, B, C)

    51 7.30%
  • Eagle (all included types)

    89 12.73%
  • Mayflower

    112 16.02%
  • HSGI

    11 1.57%
  • Tyr Tactical

    25 3.58%
  • Crye

    61 8.73%
  • Vel-Tye

    2 0.29%
  • Other

    216 30.90%
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Thread: Plate Carrier Member Survey / Review.

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    I've used many plate carriers. SKD Pig, issued PCs, SKD STT, Crye JPC and now the Ferro Concepts Slickster.

    Here's what I like-

    It's modular. I can easily throw on a chest rig instead of dedicated pouches, so if I need to roll slick, I can. It's comfortable. Id didn't need any extra padding besides the shoulder pads. A lot of the armor carriers I've worn give me hot spots, but so far I haven't noticed it with this one.

    What I don't like-

    There's no QD system to get out of it. A buckle on the shoulder strap would be nice to get it off quicker, but that's about the only gripe I have.

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    -What plate carrier do you currently use?

    I have an Ares Armor Derma in S/M with medium shooter cut multi curve plates and soft backers. I have an Esstac KYWI triple rifle mag pouch across the front. The Derma has a cummerbund composed of three heavy duty bungees and really hugs me and keeps the weight of the plates and magazines from bouncing around, it really is comfortable. Donning and doffing is accomplished by way of a custom cobra buckle on each side, making it quick and not reliant on velcro. I have their side pockets with 6x6 hard plates also.

    -How did you choose this make/model?

    I had tried and turned around and sold a few different carriers. I'm only 5'7", 170 lbs and a 30" waist so a lot of carriers which are supposed to be one size fits all fit me like a barrel, especially if I'm not wearing more than a t-shirt or long sleeve under it. I also have a relatively short torso, so rifle magazines sticking up from my belt butting against the bottom edge of my plate carrier really hamper my mobility. The Derma is pretty minimalist and very adjustable, so it solves this problem. That and I run Esstac KYWI long rifle mag pouches on my belt so they sit a bit lower.

    -Likes/Dislikes? Strengths/weaknesses?

    Pros include the maritime release: it actually works. Imagine that? Their shoulder pads are thick and cushy, altbough the current trend is towards minimalist shoulder straps to prevent hampering shouldering the rifle. The Derma is really cleverly engineered, and because of the cobra buckles, I'm not eating into the life cycle of some hook and loop panels every time I put it on or take it off. All the materials are great, from the custom AustriAlpin buckles to the body of the carrier and all the straps. But the fit is what really blows me away. The cummerbund bungees are thick and flattened and really heavy duty and when adjusted right it keeps the plates from bouncing around when I move.

    Cons include the fact that for all intents and purposes Ares Armor doesn't exist anymore; certainly not in any form I would recommend that you patronize. That said, designer of the Derma Jon Zum recently got the band back together, so to speak, under the brand name Arbor Arms and is producing the Flex CAS and the Flex Assaulter plate carriers. These have the same advantages as the Derma along with a few enhancements, and I'm sure he'll be happy to sell you one. Should I ever manage to kill my Derma (I have two of them) the Arbor Arms Flex is on my short list.

    Feel free to include picture at your leisure.


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    Just re-send this survey to a friend of mine, and he voted for PIG, I tend to support this choice (it is a lightweight industry giant, very versatile and functional) . Very unusual survey, I used to apply to different useful surveys, but none of them were carrier and weapon related, this one is very interesting.

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    Dumping this place
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    It's interesting seeing the amount of 511 plate carriers and clothing being used in Ukraine. I use my 511 carrier to work out in but use the London Bridge. The 511 has held up pretty well considering what I've put it through. I don't think they are made in the same factory that the first runs were.

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    Javlin Concepts AJAC. Light weight, minimalist but full laser cut molle front and rear. Top loading plates, elastic cummerbunds(molle) with First Spear QD tubes. Like it more than any of the others but if you are running med SAPI plates that are 1" thick or more be sure to get the large size or what they call size 2. Bags are very snug even with 1/2" plates.
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    9 (100%)
    Not sure if it's cool to bump a Sticky, but here goes


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