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Thread: Permit to carry in multiple states?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iasc300 View Post
    Ok, thank you very much for the information
    No worries.

    BTW, I looked on that list and there are a TON of Utah CWP instructors in Iowa. With some luck and phone calls, you will be able to find one in your area.

    Also, here is a reciprocity map to help you figure out which permit (FL or UT) will best suit your needs.

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    Some of the major sporting goods retailers bring in travel Utah/Florida CCW road shows. They strong on box-checking, weak on training, and quality varies but they serve a purpose.

    Check out your local retailer, and the UT instructor list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rockmyglock View Post
    Yes, you would have to take a class from a instructor that is recognized by the Utah BCI. There are certain things that are gone over in the class that are specific to Utah State Law (e.g. Use of Force, et al). Also, as of 2011 Utah will require you to hold a CWP from your home state when applying for the Utah Permit.

    Side Note -- The home state provision was a direct result of States threatening to no longer recognize the Utah CWP. Why? People were getting the Utah permit as a one-stop solution without needing to get a permit for their home state.

    Revenue? Direct taxation on 2A? Restriction on the right to keep and more importantly bear arms? You decide.
    Just states flexing their muscles.

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