Before posting a general question about gear or equipment, the first step is to use the site's Search function to make sure that the same question has not been discussed in detail already. Use the orange SEARCH button (google driven search) near the top of the page, or the SEARCH link a little below that.

If you've exhausted the SEARCH option and cannot find the answer you're looking for, follow these guidelines when posing your question, where applicable. If it's a very specific question about a certain product or usage, then these guidelines below may not apply.

Do not ask "what is everyone using" or "or what is the best" as it's going to be different for everyone, unless you're doing some sort of market research. If you are, explain what you want this data for. Otherwise, in order to recommend what might be best for you, we need to know about you and your needs/requirements, so help us.

Provide enough information so that members don't have to guess or ask many more questions in order to answer your question.

General gear questions (answer all that apply):

1. I'm looking for a ________.
2. I'm a civvie/military/LE/etc.
3. The primary usage of this item is for ________.
4. I'd also like to use it for ________.
5. I need it to fit/carry ________.
6. I need it for this weapon ________.
7. I prefer it to be made out of ________.
8. My budget for this item is __________.
9. I'm looking for it in these colors _________.
10. I care/don't care if it looks 'tactical'.
11. I need/don't need it to be low profile/concealed etc.
12. I have already looked at _____, ______, _____, etc and they don't fit what I'm looking for.
13. If it's a sizing/fit question, provide your height, weight, build, waist size, inseam length - whatever sizing information is relevant to your question.
14. If it's a comfort question, state the conditions you want to use the garment under - dry/humid/wet, hot/cold.
15. Any other relevant information about your personal preference, usage etc that will help others narrow down their answers to your question.