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Thread: Sniper Golf, Part 2. March 17, 2012

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    Sniper Golf, Part 2. March 17, 2012

    Who: Carolina Shooters (and surrounding areas)
    What: Sniper Golf Precision Rifle Shooting Match
    Where: Maxton, NC
    When: 17 March 2012

    Cost is $60 per person (Includes drinks throughout the day, BBQ dinner, and Entry into the prize shoot; pre-registration required)
    Registration Link
    MOST Shots will be within 700yds
    Almost all targets will be 2MOA or larger Steel (No steel core/jacketed ammo).
    You will need a scope w/ reticle capable of holding over/under and dialing elevation/wind
    no rifles over .30 cal magnum, 3000 FPS velocity limit
    Course of fire is no more than 75 rounds.
    Location will be emailed in a welcome letter NLT 10 days prior to match start date.
    Cancellations prior to 72hrs before start date will be refunded

    **Sniper Golf is a game where we count your misses. Scoring is simple. This is an individual event, however working with other shooters is allowed and not frowned upon.
    **This is not a belly match! This will be a match that will test your mental ability to think on the fly. This match will test your field expedient and unorthodox shooting abilities.
    **All ranges will be given, you can use a range finder is you wish.
    **You will be moving around all day, not just firing from a static firing line, so you will need to pack what you'll need for the day. No going back to the car.
    **Some courses of fire may require physical ability, like jogging, running, jumping, ducking, and moving into position quickly.
    **No pets allowed
    **Spectators are allowed ($10 if they want some BBQ)

    Camping is allowed both Friday and Saturday nights. It is St Patty's day and we are planning on staying down there the weekend. We will also do a little shooting Sunday Morning if some people want to, but we'll be packed up by lunch time to head home. There should be some left over BBQ and possibly green beer flowing in the evening hours of Saturday if you plan on staying down there.

    We would like to thank our Sponsors!

    Tactical Suppressed Weapons

    Upstate Armory Group

    BoHoss Engineering

    Stryker Industries

    Impact Data Books

    Gunn Fighter

    Mountain Shooter Slings

    Tarheel Targets

    Triton Arms Custom Shop

    Precision Rifle Solutions

    Pics of January Event can be found at

    If you have any questions please ask them here or shoot an email to Kyle-

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    This match turned out great! Thanks to all the shooters,sponsors, and the guys who came out and help set up and serve lunch!!

    Check out the pics on the facebook page:


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