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Thread: The "Tactical" Pen....

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    I picked up a SS Embassy Pen from County Comm about a year ago. I don't think it was ever meant to be "tactical" since both ends are fully rounded and it is on the short side. I did learn that I don't like a pen that can not secure the cap on the back end when writing. The Embassy pen cap does screw on in the closed position, which I prefer, but does not fit on the back end of the pen, screw or slip on.

    This thread got me interested in the TP again and knowing what I know now, just picked up the SW M & P Tactical. It screws on both ends which is a huge plus. I won't get another pen that can't stow the cap on the back end while writing. It weighs less than half of the Embassy pen and is long enough to be able to employ defensively. I can't imagine ever doing that, but with the M & P I can see it being possible. I haven't carried it yet, but I will as it is very light. It seems like it will be comfortable for writing but time will tell on that.

    Best of all it was $20 shipped (from much maligned Botach) and arrived in about a week. The Embassy is a cool concept, but it is heavy and $55. I don't carry it much due to the weight.

    For the life of me I can't get this photo flipped. It is correct in Photobucket. Weight 1.5 OZ.

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    I had the first SF pen that came out- then a customer took it, and that was it--- no more expensive pens for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthNarc View Post
    Two years ago myself and another instructor were flying out of the Manchester, NH. airport after teaching at a weekend conference. He had a pink anodized one and the kid from TSA told him flatly that he knew this pen had "dual use" and he could either leave it in New Hampshire or mail it back to himself. He left it in the bin since it was a freebie anyway.

    Personally I would discourage anyone from carrying a tactical pen on board an aircraft. If one of these screeners decides to call in one of the TSA Special Agents, who are bored and probably want to make a case, you may have just copped a felony. Don't ask me how I know this.......
    To be fair, I was told at a different NH airport (now closed, I believe) that I'd have to leave my checked bag with the ticket clerk (hard case unlocked and handgun unsecured) and get on the plane with no receipt, and they'd just take care of everything for me. I wouldn't believe a single thing they tell you that contradicts the rules unless they're willing to write/sign an affidavit saying that they told you to do that...and they're never willing to commit to having told you not to follow the airline/FAA/TSA rules.
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    Didn't read the whole thread and it looks like it's a mixed bag for folks, but I've flown multiple times with a tactical pen from Uzi (and it even says "Uzi" on the side) and never even had a TSA agent bat an eye.
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