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Let me check with my buddy, and I'll get back to you. He's more current as to what's being used by special operations.

What you say may be confirmed, though I took TCCC in 2011 and the story at that point was that after investigation, all cases turned out to be either recycled from training or bought on ebay.

The SOFT-T is a great TQ if you're worried about it.

For a size consideration, I also really like the SWAT-T, though it takes a bit more practice to use but it can be used 1-handed.
That would be nice, even if just to see what has been happening out there.

I had also heard not sure of the validity of the story, but that some of the knockoffs had made it into the official supply system.

SOFT-T are pretty legit, we also had some NATOs over there as well which were pretty much bomb proof but not as easy for self application.