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Thread: BRD Flare-up and treatment plan

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    BRD Flare-up and treatment plan

    I must confess that I'm human, and this dustup over Mr. Evil Crazypants in CT (in jest, not meant to disparage the destruction brought on by his unspeakable deeds. Given what he did, I could call him many other, more appropriate things. He also does not deserve to be mentioned by name) has got me thinking that I might not be happy with just one AR in my life. I think Betsy (Spikes/BCM middy) could use a friend, and a KAC SR15E3 LPR has caught my attention. I already have a mid length, so why not a more rifle length barrel...?

    I'll make my way to a local emporium in a few weeks once they get the capability to order hardware again.

    I have a few questions: (search button fail)

    A) Does anyone have one of these and willing to offer some feedback?
    B) Optic suggestions?
    C) Does anyone have an online/distributor place that I might want to check out instead of/in addition to the LGS?

    oh, and
    D) What are the thoughts about the new BCM Jack Carbine? I saw it on their website last Monday, and they sent an email about it last night. The Jack is here http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/BCM-M...Jack-s/166.htm

    And, I've noticed a disturbing trend in my behavior in the last few weeks. I've started to gear my firearms to be suppressor ready. I bought Betsy a BCE 2.0, I'm awaiting FNX-45 tacticals to hit the market, and I've just traded a Ruger 7mm RM for a Savage 11 .308 Hog Hunter...
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