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Thread: G21 Trigger Bars

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    G21 Trigger Bars

    Following the recent “officer safety” advisories published here and elsewhere, there’s been a flurry of posting about the differences in generations of the trigger with trigger bar used in the Glock 21. As usual, much of that posting is rumor and conjecture without meaningful contemplation, or even simple examination of the parts involved.

    Following are photos of Glock trigger w/ trigger bars, part numbers 4256 and 4256-1.

    4256 is from G21 ser# CZF*** acquired in 2000. Round count is ~5500rds of high quality ammunition.

    4256-1 is from G21SF ser# LET*** acquired in 2007. Round count is ~1500rds of high quality ammunition.

    The receivers:

    Trigger w/ trigger bar installed. On 4256-1, the rear extension of the cruciform is ~.05” (measured) longer than that of 4256.

    Trigger w/ trigger bar, removed. Longer extension apparent.

    Trigger w/ trigger bar, side view. No other difference between units discernable or measured.

    Trigger w/ trigger bar installed, orange slide cover plate installed. Firing pin lug is slightly more to the rear with 4256-1 than 4256. Engagement is full with both units. Engagement remains identical through range of motion. (Better photos pending)

    Parts swapping between models produces results identical to above. Parts swapping included other combinations of spare trigger w/ trigger bars, connectors, trigger mechanism housings, firing pins, etc. No anomalous events, or other pertinent findings.

    The effect of lengthening the cruciform extension engaging the FP lug is additional rearward travel of the FP, additional force by the FP spring, and additional momentum of the FP following release.

    No magic here, and nothing that should compel any great wonderment or frustration.

    As always, all bets on function are off should these components be combined with the aftermarket crutches, "improvements", and .25 hatchet jobs.
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    All new G20s and G21 (including SF) come with the -1 trigger bars. These will also fit the G29 and G30 to get rid of the trigger serrations if you choose.

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    Great info, thanks for the post guys, and all the extra effort it took!

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    Fantastic post! Very informative and great close up pictures for those with reading disabilities. Thanks for posting.


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