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Thread: LDI DBAL-A2 available (shortly)!

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    LDI DBAL-A2 available (shortly)!


    We should have our hands on some LDI DBAL A2's shortly. These will be available to the general public!

    Price will be $1,800 + $10 shipping.

    Please contact us via E-mail if interested Sales@grtactical.com.


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    Hey guys,

    I have been using this thing for awhile now and I have to say it is nothing short of awesome. Obviously, I'm not banging it around in the middle of a desert but you'd be surprised how much I got to use this at night with my PVS14Ds at some LE ranges in the state.

    Grant was generous as usual to me in hooking me up last time they were available. I much prefer the size and metal construction of the DBAL a2 to the PEQ2A. I also replaced the ARMS mount with a LT throw lever. It fits with just a couple of kisses with a metal file.

    I know I really don't have to tell most people here but this unit is definately not a toy. The light blue safety screw you see in the picture is not for looks. On hi, this thing will blind you. Be safe and get one if you can.
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