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Thread: Gear loadout pics and descriptions

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    Gear loadout pics and descriptions

    This thread is for members to post pics, info, descriptions etc on their gear loadouts. This is primarily meant for 1st line/2nd line gear, not individual pouches or items. We can start other stickied threads when necessary.

    Please ensure that you post the following info to accompany your photos:

    1. Title your post 'Range loadout', 'Contractor loadout', 'LE loadout', 'Military combat loadout', '3-gun match loadout', 'Home defense loadout' etc, or whatever best describes how the gear is used.

    2. List the items in the photos.

    3. Include a brief description of why you made the equipment choices you did and any other info you'd like to include.
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    LE Active Shooter

    Paraclete Hard Plate Carrier (non-cummerbund)

    Eagle dual M4 pouch (containing Esstac 12ga shotgun cards)

    Eagle 40mm pouch (contains pocket smoke)

    HSGI Bleeder pouch (assorted medical gear, shears behind pouch)

    I originally used an Eagle PC w/ cummerbund, but didnt like how it felt when I shouldered a long gun. I also found the CB to be a bit slower to don than a non-CB version. My original PC (shown above) consisted of:

    Eagle - CB Plate carrier

    3 Tactical Tailor single M4 pouches

    Tactical Tailor 16 rnd shot panel

    Eagle 40mm pouch (pocket smoke)

    HSGI Bleeder

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    General Purpose Loadout

    Here is mine. It took a lot of trial and error. I almost took a more telling picture of the pile of gear I've bought but put aside as not workable for me, but I thought I'd keep it simple and focus on what I did choose. I'm using this for everything: 3Gun, Class, SHTF whatever. Like anything else it's a series of compromises with functionality/comfort/mobility being the key qualities.

    I ended up with the two-piece MAV with X-Harness as the most comfortable and stable rig I've tried. Traditional chest rigs like the SKD/Eagle were invariably unbalanced towards the front which could get a little rough on the back. I wanted something that could balance the load around the body. Weight is very evenly distributed and so even if it seems like a lot, it is more comfortable than the smaller chest rigs I've tried.

    I chose to be able to carry 4 mags and staged them on my right side using a TT 3-mag shingle for tac loads and an Eagle FB pouch as a dedicated emergency reload pouch. I preferred the FB to the FAST Mag. I chose a single-shingle setup rather than a 2-3 mag flap pouch as its more comfortable and distributes the weight better around the body. I've tried two shingles but together they added too much bulk and one side was always unbalanced.

    Between the FB pouch and the shingle I placed a Blackwater flashlight pouch to give a bit more room to grab the FB. Having the FB right next to the shingle significantly slowed the reload and made it hard to grab with a proper beer can grip.

    The HSGI pistol Mag pouches are staged horizontally but I'm not sure I've got the best setup or pistol mag pouches for that matter. I do like the horizontal setup as it doesn't torque the platform into your ribs like a vertical setup would do. I will be switching to FB pistol mag pouches.

    On the TT hydration pouch is a Spec-Ops large first aid pouch (contents - Israeli battle dressing, a tourniquet and two injectors of Celox). I also have a small EGL Loopy dump /utility pouch. I've decided that the dump pouch is exclusively for tac reloads as a place to store "light" magazines and loose rounds. Empty mags get dropped on the deck to be collected later (IF possible as I've noticed a training scar of using the dump pouch during an emergency reload and I'm in the process of breaking that habit - Thanks to RetreatHell for teaching me that lesson the easy way).

    On the left side I'm using a TT large utility pouch as a kind of "possibles bag": speed loaders; lube; tools; cleaning kit etc. Next to that is a Blackwater "Universal" holster which isn't the fastest holster around but has filled a niche for me over the last couple of years being able to accept both my Glocks and 1911, light mounted or otherwise but I'm realizing it's days are numbered as well. Attached to the front of the holster is a B/W multi-tool pouch (Victorinox).

    I'm a big believer in knives and have had one on my person pretty much everyday since my dad gave me my first at 12 years old. I was taught that you always have a knife and fire on your person. In that time I've also learned that while a bigger blade can often do things a small blade can, a small blade can't do the things a larger blade can but some blades get ridiculously big. Cosmok and I collaborated on the "Gutshot" knife you see in the black sheath (link ). Surprisingly it's very comfortable to wear in a seated position like in a car. I can even bend forward while sitting. On the front of the knife is a second tourniquet in Blueforce holder.

    All told it's a very comfortable setup that I wouldn't have been able to put together without a lot of time spent on the range, troubleshooting problems, developing my own techniques that take into account options and solutions.
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    Non-Mil/non-LEO practice, training, and yomp about in the desert

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    training/home defense rig

    ATS chest rig
    IFAK from a local surplus store with TKN guts
    BFG 10 speed with a pressure bandage, bottle of EWL and SF E2e, emergency reload mag
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    CQB/Home Protection Loadout

    IsrAgor Vest. Israeli Manufacture. This was the best vest I could afford that offered the most options, GoldFlex IIIA Panels, MOLLE compatible , 10"X12" Plate pockets, etc. The pouches are the ones that came with it. Pretty low quality and will be replaced with pouches from Eagle Industries, Specter Gear, Maxpedition, Diamondback Tactical and High Speed Gear Inc. I will be getting 1/2" Ceramic Level IV ICW plates from when funds allow. Was thinking about Dyneema plates until I realized how much AP surplus ammo is out there. The cost of Dyneema plates are also a little out there for me.

    I keep 5 rifle mags and 2 pistol mags on the vest. A 1/4" shank tool kit is also in one of the pouches along with a Cold Steel Recon Tanto, Cobra FRS Radios for communicating with my wife as I live in a rural area and leaving my house and engaging outdoors if SHTF might be the best option. I keep a 4oz. can of MkIV pepper foam and a 21" ASP Baton with clip-on mirror for less-lethal applications. A Taser C2 will soon be added as well. I have been tased and it certainly causes minor PTSD, not a fun ride at all. 1 pair each of S&W hinged and chained handcuffs. 2 each M18 smoke grenades never know and they are cool. The contents of the vest may change a little after I decide which pouches to buy. That right there can drive a guy nuts. The vest is a front overlapping opening for quick deployment. Carbine is a Bushmaster Superlight A2 with Surefire G2, CAA mount, XS 24/7 Striped front sight, XS non-tritium same plane rear, ZM weapons single point sling. The carbine is loaded with Hornady 55Gr. TAP.

    The belt is a Galco Instructors belt. I like this kind of belt because it can be quickly adjusted for thicker/thinner clothing. Eagle Industries SAS Mk V holster with one strap removed and same makers SAS PMIII mag pouches. Surefire 6Z Combatlight with Surefire holster and lanyard. Front mag pouch on the holster carries a Kershaw folding knife and pocket-clip handcuff key. Pistol lanyard is from Blackhawk. The Velcro is already wearing out and it has the big stupid logo in it. The pistol is a Beretta 92FS Brigadier with Lasermax guide rod laser and Trijicon Night Sights.and is loaded with Federal 115Gr. +P+ 9BPLE. There are 3 pistol mags on the belt in case it is all I can get on in time and offers me a decent amount of ammo. I also have the same holster(which can be quickly changed from the belt) for my Kimber Classic Custom 1911 .45ACP if I feel it will be a better choice. This statement will certainly cause some harsh feelings towards the Beretta. I am however a big fan of the Model 92FS and the Kimber 1911 pistols so I feel having both that are easy to swap on the belt gives me the best versatility. Mag pouches work for both pistols. I keep the belt relatively empty of anything but pistol and mags as it sits under my body armor and getting to anything mounted on the belt is a pain.

    Update: I have got new higher quality pouches finally and added a Surefire X300 to my Beretta 92 Brigadier.
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    Here's my loadout for the range.

    BFG Molle Belt with BFG Inner Belt
    Safariland 6004 for Beretta M9 (with multitool)
    Eagle FB pouches (Two M4 pouches, One dbl. M9 Mag pouch)
    BFG Trauma Kit Now
    BFG "BooBoo" Pouch
    Pact III Timer

    I chose the Molle belt since I wanted an option that was smaller and more streamlined than my previous chest rig. Faster Mag changes, better weight carriage were big factors. As for the Blue Force Gear design, I really like it's adjustability. The inner belt replaced an Eagle Duty belt, which had problems due to its overlapping velcro section. But the BFG belt is lighter and simpler, just click and go.

    As for the holster, the 6004 is an obvious choice, IMHO, its the best thigh mounted holster out there. I've used this one for years, and have modified the shroud to ride higher, cutting out one leg strap and shaping the empty slot to conform to the thigh. I also keep an el-cheapo multitool on it for adjusting sights and other tasks requiring small tools.

    The Eagle FB pouches are excellent. I'm a big fan of Eagle's gear, they make nice kit, and their pouches are no exception. They retain the mags so well, I went ahead and trimmed the tops and retainer tabs off the pouches, since they had a rare ability to get stuffed into the pouch along with a retained mag during tac reloads.

    The Trauma Kit Now and the BooBoo pouch are two sides of the same coin. The range I go to is fairly out of the way, and has a large quantity of steel targets.(read: accidents waiting to happen) I figured it was definitely better to be safe than sorry, so I got a Trauma Kit Now, which I have setup at the middle of my belt for equal access by each arm. (This is in case the ND/AD/Splashback happens to hit an arm) The BooBoo pouch is for more minor, but much more common things, like severe hammer bite, slide bite, or just for storing misc. items like a lighter or extra hearing protection.

    The Timer is probably my favorite piece of kit, since hard numbers are hard to argue with, and it gives you a solid indicator of your skills and progress. Thinking "that was pretty fast" and knowing "my splits were .18 seconds" are two entirely different realms of professionalism.
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