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Thread: 40 Rd. PMags?

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    40 Rd. PMags?

    When are the 40 rd. Pmags supposed to come out?
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    Buy them there^ (ON back order for quite a while until 7/15/2011)
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    It'll be nice if Magpul puts out some 30rd .308 magazines that are windowed too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by THCDDM4 View Post

    Buy them there^ (ON back order for quite a while until 7/15/2011)
    Based on the past, I would bet $100 that is a completely made up date. Midway seems to love to do that with Magpul products: people are so excited about upcoming items that I guess Midway figured they could grab a good amount of business by offering items for pre-order despite no solid knowledge of when the item will arrive.

    They've done this before, and repeatedly pushed back the dates, like when they first claimed they would have mid-length MOE handguards by May 2010, then pushed it to June, then July... etc etc

    Magpul's policy for a long time now has been, "it will come out when it comes out."

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    Do we really need this?

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